Helicopter Shot Down in Marka

Black Hawk

There are reports circulating in Mogadishu that an American helicopter (not still verified) has been shot down in Marka in the past hour. The local radio stations have reported that the helicopter was seen plummeting into the ocean in flames. A number of witnesses have been interviewed and all of them seem to have observed the event.

Helicopters flying over the open skies of Somalia are not a new phenomenon. For the past few weeks several helicopters have been spotted flying  above Barawe. In one incident Al-Shabaab fighters opened fire at some of the helicopters and they simply retreated without firing back. Marka, an ancient city, on the South Eastern coast of Somalia, is also said to have witnessed several helicopters flying above its skyline. But this episode seems to have ended miserably for the pilots.

Await further updates.

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