Al-Shabaab: On Pirates

Sheikh Ali Dheere, Al-Shabaab Spokesman

For the last few days, Mogadishans here have been fuming with anger; they are angry with the pirates. Though majority of Somalis supported their adventures as they hijacked ships from the sea, now it seems that the pirates have veered a few knots off course.

More than a week ago, a group of pirates hijacked 10 ships from the Somali coast through a series of co-ordinated attacks. The unusual thing this time is that all the ships were Somali-owned and belonged to a group of Somali businessmen. This is what  has infuriated the Somali public.

The issue sparked a heated debate on radio stations across Mogadishu and the indignant cries of the public filled the airwaves.

For the first time also Al-Shabaab, the Islamist group controlling much of Southern Somalia, spoke out about the pirates in public. Angered by the pirates’ actions as well as the foreseeable consequences their actions may have on the stability of the regions they govern, Al-Shabaab assured the public that these actions were not happening with their connivance and demanded the pirates to release the ships. Enunciating their stance on the matter, Sheikh Ali Mohamoud Raage said at a press conference:

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