Welcome to Mogadishu, the once beautiful coastal city that now lies in ruins. The debris that piles up on the roads of this old city speaks of long-suffered misery and desperation. The few remaining blocks of concrete that hold these dilapidated buildings peculiarly erect depict the grim realities of war. For long the suffering of the victims of Somalia’s endless war disturbed our ears. The wails of the weak pierced our hearts and wounded our consciousness; but without much of a first-hand account of events and without witnessing the blood-drenched clothes of the elderly as they scamper to safety, away from the mortar rounds, or the screams of amputated children as they scream beside their dead parents, it became difficult to fathom the pain they went through. The bleak winds of war have swept much of this city, as well as the country, into a perpetual abyss of obscurity.

Forgotten and forsaken, the people of Somalia endured years of neglect, torment and hardships, yet they are still surprisingly optimistic. They have shown exceptional resilience in the face of adversity over the decades and remain optimistic despite their depressing tales and troublesome times: a rare quality among the nomads on these shores. And today, that optimism has partly come to materialise in unexpected ways!

It may have been my unusual love for adventure or my attempt to discover the truth that led me to this bullet-battered city, but most of all, it is to reveal to the world the events of Mogadishu from the ground.

What you will find on this blog is up-to-date first-hand accounts of the events in Mogadishu as they unfold.

Welcome to Mogadishu Man.

Let the world hear the plight of Mogadishu!

mogadishuman [at] yahoo.com

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  1. Sahra Ali says:

    great blog MM. man you have a heart going to mogadishu. just try to stay alive bro

  2. NWO Observer says:

    Great blog my friend! I’m glad we can know through your blog what is really going on in Somalia. Your are providing us first hand news from there. I hope that i can understand better what is going there through you, and will not be any newspaper telling me that.
    Keep on blogging my friend, and good luck.
    I’ve linked your blog to mine, and i’ll visit your blog often.

    NWO Observer

  3. Keep in their,MM. With people of your type, i hope there will be a new generations of information management, different from the ones that take sides to the conflicts. All for a better Somalia. Just contributions will always be recognised while the injust can be identified and neglected.

  4. mo says:

    Thanks for all the information about this city. Can you post more pictures of the city?

  5. james mohan says:

    you are making a difference by spreading the word o your plight. western media outlets are far too politicized to show anything other than the occasioonal hijacked ship.you never hear of the misery endured that forces decent people into doing to do wreckless things. your site opens the eyes of many ill ensure i post regular links to your blogs via many outlets.

  6. dee says:

    i like the way you go out of your way to tell us the unheard, often under reported events of a city hosting a resilient lot in the ruins of a once and still beautiful coastline
    i support you and wish you the very best
    stay alive

  7. Abid says:

    Great Job.. but where did u go? are u ok?

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