Mogadishu Without Music

Almost all of Mogadishu’s radio stations have stopped playing music in compliance with the order of Hizbul Islam, who ten days ago banned all radio stations from broadcasting music.

At that time, the government’s Ministry of Information Spokesman, Sheikh Abdirizak Mohammed Qeylow, strongly condemned the instructions of the Islamists, stating that their instructions would have no effect on the media:

“The so called Hizbul-Islam is now like a drowning man who clinches to straw, they are having no other options other than oppressing the media, they are ordering the radio stations not to air any sort of song may it be the national anthem. I know very well what they want to fill the gap of the songs – they are bringing the songs of Al-Qaida, and why they are doing all this is just because they are envious of Al-Shabab”

Today, however, except for the few radios under the TFG-controleld territory, Mogadishu’s radio stations remain silent. No music and no commercial jingles to spice up the programs. I don’t know how the rest of the Mogadishians here are coping with the ban, but luckily I brought my 160GB iPod along with me.

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Blogging from Mogadishu seems somewhat inconceivable doesn't it?

4 Responses to Mogadishu Without Music

  1. I am told even phone ringtones are monitored so be careful. Otherwise you may be seen with the earphone and they will check what you are listening to. The number of journalists they have murdered may rise with you. One wonders what they are going to do with the gadgets looted from the BBC station, dont be suprised to find it on market somewhere in the neigboring countries. I imagine Somalia is going to take be holier that Mecca. Their image with the faces covered means they are also ashamed of what they do and they do not want to be known that they are the ones. I imagine after their showy drama they uncover and mingle with the other descent Somali.

    Take care Mr MM.

  2. mogadishuman says:

    You seem to have quite an image about Somalia, Mr RM!

  3. Not only Somalia Mr. MM. It is about humanity no colour, race, religion idealogy or creed. It is about humanity and am sure being in Somalia you really understand the truth.


    Hullo Mr MM,
    I hope you are safe. It has been a while since you enlightened us on events and occurances from Mogadishu about the armed conflict, the politcs in perliament, radio silence etc i had got used to it please dont lose the tempo but of course steer clear of all danger.
    God bless you.

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